These days, a ship′s engine is a high-end piece of technology. Aggregates, generators, pumps, filters, those are all crucial parts in running a vessel. Since demands on sea transportation are increasing, engine problems must be resolved at once. In a world where time is money and engines run non-stop, DRS will meet your demands in providing marine industrial solutions.

At DRS, we offer a unique blend of Italian business flair and Dutch commercial spirit. Camillo Dallaserra founded our company in 1988. After 25 years of stocking vessels, Camillo started his firm and specialized in technical marine equipment. His service ′with the Italian touch′ and the Dutch matter-of-factness of his family has built us an extensive network of customers all over the world. Our strongest features are our flexibility, reliability and most of all: creativity in solving marine problems.
Although at first our core business consisted only of the supply of main engine spare parts, we have extended our range of products in width and in depth, due to repeated demands from our customers to be of service with other spares related to the engine room.

DRS focuses on main and auxiliary engines, aggregates and generators and all parts connected. We offer you solutions in new, reconditioned and custom made parts. Our technical knowledge derives from years of experience. We have the ability to recognize your specific need and to act upon it. We mediate in all brands when it comes to new machines and spare parts and we are committed to maintaining the highest standard in reconditioning engines, pumps and compressors. Therefore we have selected only top class manufacturers to work with.